​Trial tests should be carried out to determine the quantity of antifoam needed to produce best

results. Testing should be started at 10 ppm and increased or decreased based on the results.

As an example, for maximum efficiency predilute SILCOLAPSE® 623 to 1% active solution by adding 29 parts water (or foaming solution) to 1 part. Predilutions at level less than 1% for either product is not recommended.

SILCOLAPSE 623 may be stored for up to 12 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


SILCOLAPSE® 623 is a 30% silicone antifoam emulsion designed for use in a wide range of aqueous industrial applications. The product effectively controls foam at concentrations as low as 10 ppm solids, even at elevated temperatures and under pressure. SILCOLAPSE® 623 gives good results at wide-ranging pH and is particularly effective under alkaline conditions. 

Additive;Antifoam;Flow Agent


  • ​Easy to use – as supplied or pre-diluted in water or in the medium to be defoamed
  • Cost efficient, effective in doses as low as 10 ppm
  • Highly effective in most aqueous media, and at many pH levels
  • Chemically inert in foaming systems – will not alter the properties of the foaming medium
  • Heat resistant – withstands temperatures up to 120°C (248°F)
  • Low viscosity allows it to be used with automatic metering systems


  • Soap & industrial detergent manufacturing 
  • Glues, pastes, and adhesives
  • Investment Casting                                                                                                              

Synthetic Rubber Processing

  • Natural or synthetic latex

Petroleum Refining                    

  • Gas scrubbing          
  • Cement & Drilling muds             
  • Asphalt production                                                                                         

Paints, Inks and Varnishes

  • Manufacture of aqueous pigments dispersions


  • Sizing, Bleaching and Finishing             
  • High Temperature Dyeing                      


North America




Viscosity800MonocompISO 2555cP
Dry content35.5MonocompISO 3251%
pH7.5MonocompISO 976




































Antifoam / Defoamer / Defoamer