SILCOLEASE UV ADD 150 may be stored for up to 12 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


​SILCOLEASE  UV ADD 150 UV/EB acrylate adhesion promoter is a 100% reactive adhesion-promoting component based on multifunctional acrylate monomer technology. Along with its adhesion promoting properties, it combines excellent blend-compatibility with UV/EB curable release coatings based on acrylate-silicones with an enhancement of overall UV/EB cure response.

SILCOLEASE  UV ADD 150 UV/EB acrylate adhesion promoter was specifically designed for addition into the SILCOLEASE  UV Poly 110 family of acrylate-silicone polymers. SILCOLEASE  UV Poly 110 System is intended for use as a release coating on a wide selection of papers and plastic films, and against a wide range of adhesive materials. Instantaneous and complete cure with excellent anchorage to paper and film is achieved by simply passing the coating under high-intensity ultraviolet light (medium pressure mercury vapor bulbs) or electron beam irradiation. Both UV and EB curing must be carried out under nitrogen-inerted atmosphere and UV curing requires the addition of a suitable photoinitiator.  

When added at 1-3% (by weight), SILCOLEASE  UV ADD 150 promotes adhesion to a wide variety of paper and film liners. Examples include polyester and polyolefin films. 



Asia Pacific;Central and South America;North America