SILCOLEASE POLY 11367 may be stored at temperatures between -20°C / -4°F and 50°C / 122°F for up to 24 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


Silcolease POLY 11367 is a vinyl functional silicone polymer which when properly formulated and cured produces a crosslinked coating with adhesive release properties.

Silcolease POLY 11367 is mixed at the point of use with a methyl hydrogen siloxane crosslinker and a platinum catalyst. Silcolease POLY 11367 contains an inhibitor to control the reaction, providing efficiency.


Vinyl Functional Fluid

​• Premium release over a broad range of strip speeds

• Good cures at high coating line speeds

• Low temperature cures for thermally sensitive substrates

• Anchorage to paper substrates

• Wide range of release levels with addition of release modifiers

• Excellent bath stability

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