SILCOLEASE® UV CATA 22​1, when properly used is currently permitted for direct and indirect food contact under Sections 21CFR175.320, 21CFR176.170 and 21CFR176.180 of the Federal Resister. A Technical Service Representative should be consulted for information on proper use and curing conditions.

SILCOLEASE UV CATA 221 may be stored for up to 9 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


SILCOLEASE® UV CATA 221 UV/EB cationic initiator is a 20% solids solution of diaryl iodonium tetrakis (pentafluoro phenyl) borate salt in diluent providing low toxicity with high reactivity for fast ultraviolet light and electron beam initiated cures at low levels of addition.


Cationic Photoinitiator

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