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STORAGE -20°C Store in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation. Keep away from incompatible materials, open flames, and high temperatures. Store in tightly closed original container. equipped with a degassing device. Suitable containers: polyethylene. Steel drums coated with epoxy-resin.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


Silcolease® RCA 391 is a release modifier designed to give incremental levels of release when added to a release coating formulation.  Silcolease® RCA 391 may be used at addition levels from 1% to 100% of the polymer component in the formulation with release values increasing proportionally.  Unlike traditional tight release modifiers which are based on vinyl functional silicone resins, Silcolease® RCA 391 is based on hydride functional silicone resin technology.  As a result, Silcolease® RCA 391 may offer greater efficiency as a tight release modifier compared to vinyl functional products against certain adhesives.




• Incremental release response to incremental levels of Silcolease® RCA 391

• Most responsive with rubber based adhesives

• Good cures at high production speeds

• Lower temperature cures for thermally sensitive substrates

• Anchorage to both paper & film substrates

Excellent bath stability

North America

For information about Storage and Shelf Life for this product, please download the Technical Data Sheet.




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