SILBIONE EMULSION 70001 SP is generally used in the form of a dilution with an active ingredient content of approximately 0.2 to 1.2%.

SILBIONE EMUL 70001 SP may be stored at temperatures between 2°C / 36°F and 30°C / 86°F for up to 24 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


SILBIONE EMULSION 70001 SP is a non-ionic emulsion of dimethicone oil in water at 35 %.

SILBIONE EMULSION 70001 SP is used as hydrophobic lubricant for medical devices.

The silicone fluid in SILBIONE EMULSION 70001 SP is tested according to European Pharmacopeia (EP) requirements.

Bio-compatibility;Lubrication;Protection;Water Repellency


• Non-ionic
• Easily dispersible
• Chemically inert
• Harmless
• Non-toxic
• Good skin tolerance
The film obtained after the emulsion has been applied in the form of a dilution offers excellent water-repellent, anti-adherent and heat-resistant properties.


  • Lubrication and siliconization of glass, metals, plastics and rubber.
  • Protection of surgical instruments.
  • Demoulding of capsules and suppositories.
  • Anti adhesion of conveyors.

- Use in lotions and creams.

Asia Pacific;Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America;North America




Dry content40Monocomp%
AppearanceSmooth milky liquidMonocomp