​For more information, please download the TDS available in PDF format below.

SILCOLEASE PC-107 may be stored for up to 6 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


Silcolease® PC-107 is a thermally curable silicone emulsion which provides a premium release surface for adhesive and other tacky materials such as pressure sensitive tapes, labels, asphalt shingle wrap, and food packaging. Release modifier emulsions are available which, when blended with Silcolease® PC-107 in incrementally higher levels, will give correspondingly tighter release force performance. Silcolease® PC-707 is identical in composition to Silcolease® PC-107 but without methyl hydrogen crosslinker.  As such, Silcolease® PC-707 offers the flexibility to the formulator to modify the type and / or the amount of crosslinker to achieve specific performance characteristics. A platinum catalyst emulsion is required for each.



​• Premium release with rubber based adhesives

• Easy acrylic release over a broad range of strip speeds

• Excellent bath life even at high solids

• Low cure temperatures

• Release modifier options

• Crosslinker options

North America




pH4MonocompISO 976
SiH content0.725Monocomp%
Dry content41.5MonocompISO 3251%
Cure rate< 40Monocomps
Viscosity< 600MonocompISO 2555cP
Centrifuge stabilityIn specificationMonocomp