BLUESIL V-711 may be stored for up to 35 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


BLUESIL V-711 is a silica-thickened, high molecular weight dimethyl silicone compound.

It is a non-curing grease-like paste with a tacky, stiff consistency. BLUESIL V-711 possesses excellent dielectric properties and is useful for protecting and sealing electrical and mechanical equipment. It is also an excellent release agent and lubricant for plastic and rubber parts.


Paste & Grease

  • Valve lubricant and sealant
  • Rubber and plastic O-Rings
  • Spark plug wire coating
  • Seals for outdoor electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Vacuum and pressure seals
  • Dash pot damping medium
  • Anti-stick and sealant for gaskets
  • Chemical barrier coating

North America