SILBIONE DM 1000 GMP may be stored at a temperature between -20 °C/ -4 °F and 50 °C/ 122 °F for up to 36 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.Healthcare USP Class VI;Food Contact;Pharmacopeia;VOC


SILBIONE DM 300 GMP, DM 500 GMP and DM 1000 GMP are linear polydimethylsiloxanes fluids available as a range with three viscosities.

SILBIONE DM 300 GMP, DM 500 GMP and DM 1000 GMP comply with:

    • European pharmacopoeia requirements for Dimethicone.
    • Production complies with the principles and guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice laid down in Directive 2003/94/EC.
    • European Drug Master File available


Refer to the regulatory attestation for the conformance to any regulated applications.



    PDMS Fluid


    Healthcare USP Class VI;Food Contact;Pharmacopeia;VOC


    • Chemically inert.
    • Heat-resistant.
    • Resistant to ageing by atmospheric agents (oxygen, ozone, water, light).
    • Low surface tension.
    • Non-toxic.


    • Raw materials for Medical Devices
    • Pharmacy
    • Excipient in topical formulations,
    • Antiflatulence and antiacid preparations.

    Warning: It is the sole responsibility of the user to select the product in the BLUESTAR SILICONES range that meets any requirements for their applications.​

    Asia Pacific;Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America;North America




    AppearanceClear liquid, colourless and odourlessMonocomp