​1. Preparation of the mix


  • It is imperative to first re-mix well BLUESIL TCS 7011 A prior to use to ensure homogeneity. 


  • Then, stirring, add products to BLUESIL TCS 7011 A in the following order: first the crosslinker SILCOLEASE XL 96 A and then the catalyst SILCOLEASE CATA 12070.


  • The recommended formulation is:


BLUESIL TCS 7011 A100 parts
SILCOLEASE XL 96 A15 parts
SILCOLEASE CATA 120704 parts


Pot life of the mix, hours

at 25°C




Warning: the mixing SILCOLEASE XL 96 A and SILCOLEASE CATA 12070, out of the presence of the other components, may cause a violent reaction. For that reason, this mixing must never be done without the BLUESIL TCS 7011 A.


  •  BLUESIL TCS 7011 A can be additivated with pigments and fillers, please contact Elkem Silicones' technical support for more information.


  • The curing reaction can be inhibited by contact with certain materials containing metal salts (tin for example), amines or sulphur. A preliminary test is always recommended.


  • BLUESIL TCS 7011 A can be diluted with solvents (mineral spirits, petroleum hydrocarbon fractions...).


​2. Curing and processing recommendations


  • The top-coat BLUESIL TCS 7011 A catalyzed can be applied with usual methods (engraved roll, meyer rod, knife coating...).


  • Optimum thickness is between 5 and 12µm.


  • Typical curing temperature is 2 min at 150°C when used as a top-coat.


  • After use, packaging must be tightly closed and protected from possible moisture contamination to preserve material's properties. When packaging has been opened, material should be used rapidly.


BLUESIL TCS 7011A may be stored at temperatures between -20°C / -4°F and 40°C / 104°F for up to 12 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


​BLUESIL TCS 7011 A is a silicone polymer composition used first as a top-coat for silicone coated textile fabrics.

All products from the Textile Coating Silicone product line are specially designed for textile coating applications.

Anti-blocking;Coating;Fabric Coating;Non-stick;Protection;Slip;UV resistant

2 Part RTV

  • ​Ease of processing, can be diluted with solvent.

  • Excellent pot life.

  • Good adhesion on silicone coated fabrics.

  • Good slip, low friction.

  • Satin appearance of the coating.

  • Ease of cleaning of the coating.


  • Top Coat for silicone coated fabrics


Asia Pacific;Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America;North America