Please consult your local ELKEM SILICONES sales office. 

SILCOLEASE PC-795 may be stored for up to 6 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


SILCOLEASE PC-795 is a polyaddition release modifier designed to give incrementally higher levels of release when added to easy release formulations. SILCOLEASE PC-795 may be used at 0% through 100% of the emulsion component with release values increasing proportionally as the level of SILCOLEASE PC-795 is increased. Additionally, when SILCOLEASE PC-795 is used at or near 100% of the polymer blend, very high release levels are achievable with both rubber based and acrylic adhesives.



  • Incremental release response to incremental levels of SILCOLEASE PC-795
  • Good cures / Low levels of extractable silicone at high speed production
  • Very tigh​t release achievable with both acrylic and rubber-based adhesives
  • Excellent bath stability​​

North America




pH4MonocompISO 976
Dry content42MonocompISO 3251%
Cure rate< 40Monocomps
Centrifuge stabilityIn specificationMonocomp
Subsequent adhesion> 100Monocomp%