SILCOLAPSE A is as efficient in aqueous as in anhydrous systems. It can easily be dispersed in these systems as long as the appropriate diluent is used.
SILCOLAPSE A is normally used at concentrations of between 1 and 100 mg/kg of system to be defoamed. It can be used as it is, or if necessary be diluted to a concentration varying between 1 and 10% (slowly add 99 or 90 parts of the chosen diluent to between 1 and 10 parts of SILCOLAPSE A).
SILCOLAPSE A can also be emulsified with non ionic surfactants like stearates.

SILCOLAPSE A may be stored at temperatures between -5°C / 23°F and 40°C / 104°F for up to 18 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.Food Contact


SILCOLAPSE A is a 100% active compound based on Polydimethylsiloxane oil and silica.
This product is mainly intended for treatment of anhydrous and aqueous foaming systems and has many applications in food and industry.




Food Contact

  • Very high foam control capability.
  • Easy to use: it can be used as delivered or pre-diluted in a solvent or in part of the foaming system.
  • Easy to disperse in most anhydrous and aqueous foaming systems.
  • Outstanding behaviour in alkaline systems.
  • Low dose efficiency, of around 1 to 100 mg per kg of system to be defoamed.
  • Chemically inert with regards to the system to be defoamed...

· Food contact
SILCOLAPSE A is especially designed for “Food Contact”, subject to different national regulations. For further information about relevant legislations and chapters, please contact our technical or sales staff.
Important point: SILCOLAPSE A cannot be used as “Food Additive”.

· Chemistry and Oil
- Distillation, extraction or evaporation operations.
- Manufacture of adhesives and glues.
- Various applications.

· Fermentation  

Asia Pacific;Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America;North America




ColorWhite greyMonocompEuropean Pharmacopea
Dry content100Monocomp%




































Antifoam / Defoamer / Defoamer