Add 100 parts of Add 100 parts of SILBIONE RTV A to 100 parts of SILBIONE RTV B.
Mix thoroughly the two components in a clean vessel until a homogeneous colour is obtained.
Warning: for mixing use only clean stainless steel or plastic vessels. Crosslinking of RTV
vulcanising by addition cure reaction may be inhibited by contact with products like:
- heavy metal salts
- amines
- sulphur and derivatives
- catalysts of epoxy resins
- latex gloves

SILBIONE RTV 4361N A PSQ may be stored at a temperature below 40°C / 104°F for up to 36 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


The SILBIONE RTV Putty soft are two component silicones
elastomers which cure at room temperature by an addition curing reaction (1:1 ratio).

2 Part RTV

  • Excellent details reproduction
  • Standard and quick setting time
  • No release of toxic substances during and after curing
  • High resistance to inorganic chemicals and UV rays
  • Good release properties with organic resin and hydrated plaster of Paris
  • Biocompatibility and no toxicity
  • Good mechanical properties and low linear shrinkage

These products are specifically formulated for dental impression.

Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America




ColorWhitePairedCompASTM D 412




ColorBluePairedCompASTM D 412






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