Add 100 parts of Add 100 parts of SILBIONE RTV A to 100 parts of SILBIONE RTV B.
Mix thoroughly the two components in a clean vessel until a homogeneous colour is obtained.
Warning: for mixing use only clean stainless steel or plastic vessels. Crosslinking of RTV
vulcanising by addition cure reaction may be inhibited by contact with products like:
- heavy metal salts
- amines
- sulphur and derivatives
- catalysts of epoxy resins
- latex gloves

SILBIONE RTV 4361N A PSQ may be stored at a temperature below 40°C / 104°F for up to 36 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.Healthcare Class I


The SILBIONE RTV Putty soft are two component silicones
elastomers which cure at room temperature by an addition curing reaction (1:1 ratio).

2 Part RTV


Healthcare Class I

  • Excellent details reproduction
  • Standard and quick setting time
  • No release of toxic substances during and after curing
  • High resistance to inorganic chemicals and UV rays
  • Good release properties with organic resin and hydrated plaster of Paris
  • Biocompatibility and no toxicity
  • Good mechanical properties and low linear shrinkage

These products are specifically formulated for dental impression.

Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America




ColorWhitePairedCompASTM D 412




ColorBluePairedCompASTM D 412






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