​SILCOLEASE EMULSION XL 966 is used in combination with base polyaddition and polycondensation type emulsions in the SILCOLEASE range in the following proportions:

  • SILCOLEASE BASE EMULSION....................................................... 100 parts
  • SILCOLEASE EMULSION XL 966............................................... 1 to 10 parts

To use, it is necessary to add an emulsion catalyst (refer to the technical data sheet for the base emulsion used).

When stored in its original packaging at a temperature of between +2°C and +30°C, SILCOLEASE EMULSION XL 966 may be stored for up to 12 months from its date of manufacture.

Comply with the storage instructions and expiry date marked on the packaging.

Beyond this date, Bluestar Silicones no longer guarantees that the product meets the sales specifications.

Note: SILCOLEASE EMULSION XL 966 must be stored in its original unopened packaging provided with a gas release cap and placed in a well ventilated area.

Avoid discharge into drains, water courses or onto the ground. Store in original tightly closed container. equipped with a degassing device. Store in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation. Keep away from incompatible materials, open flames, and high temperatures. Keep from freezing. Use container made of: Suitable plastic material. Steel drums coated with epoxy-resin.

Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.Heavy Metals


SILCOLEASE EMULSION CROSSLINKER 966 is a silicone emulsion that can be used as a CROSSLINKER for polyaddition and polycondensation emulsions in the SILCOLEASE range.

Coating;Non-stick;Release;Water Repellency



Heavy Metals

​Its use enables:

  • Increased cured coating network density
  • Increased cure rate of system
  • Improved coating water resistance
  • Suited to use on paper machines.


  • Adhesive protectors (envelopes, personal care, labels etc.)
  • Industrial type backings (transfer papers, tapes etc.)
  • Foodstuff packaging and baking

Asia Pacific;Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America;North America

For information about Storage and Shelf Life for this product, please download the Technical Data Sheet.




pH4MonocompISO 976
Granulometry< 1.2Monocompµm
Dry content40MonocompISO 3251%











































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