MIX&FIX RUBBER CUSTOM COMPOUNDS may be stored at a temperature below 35°C / 95°F for up to 3 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


Make up your own silicone elastomers !

In order to be closer to your needs, Elkem Silicones has specialized formulation and packaging units : the Mix&Fix centers. These centers develop with extremely short lead times, products & services according to your specifications and your equipments.

Bio-compatibility;Chemical Protection;Fire Protection;Gasketing;Heat Protection;High Temperature Protection;Optical Transparency;Protection;Adhesion

Custom Compound HCR

​Ready to use. Easy to process.

Because a customized product with a specific design dedicated to your needs.

And the services you need as...

  • regulatory support,

  •  co-development programs,

  • special deliveries,

  • training & studies,

  • reprocessing services for out of shelf-life products

​All applications that require silicone rubber :

  • safety cables,

  • aerospace parts,

  • medical devices,

  •  turbo hoses & other automotive parts,

  • railway parts,

  • food-contact parts...

Asia Pacific;Central and South America;Europe Middle East Africa;North America




Hardness10 to 90MonocompASTM D 2240sh.A
Elongationup to 1200MonocompISO R 37%
Tear strengthup to 45MonocompASTM D 624AKN/m
ColorTransparent & all color are availableMonocomp
Compression setfrom 5 to 50MonocompASTM D 395B%
Tensile strengthfrom 5 to 12MonocompISO R 37MPa




























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