STORAGE +2°C Avoid discharge into drains, water courses or onto the ground. Store in tightly closed original container. Store in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation. Keep away from incompatible materials, open flames, and high temperatures. Avoid contact with oxidizing agents. Vulcanises at room temperature on contact with moisture in the air. For further information, refer to Section 10: "Stability and Reactivity". Suitable containers: Steel drums coated with epoxy-resin.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.ELV;RoHS


CAF 909 AXAD BLACK is a two component room temperature vulcanising silicone elastomer:

  • Activated acetic,
  • Thixotropic,
  • Black.


1 Part RTV Acetoxy



CAF 909 AXAD BLACK has a black colour that is ideally suited to style requirements on vitroceramic hobs with a visible joint.
CAF 909 AXAD BLACK cures quickly at room temperature without release of acetic acid and its setting time can be accelerated with temperature.
CAF 909 AXAD BLACK sets in confined spaces and in high section thicknesses.
CAF 909 AXAD BLACK gives high mechanical performance levels, good heat stability, primerless adhesion on many surfaces and good resistance to chemical agents.
CAF 909 AXAD BLACK therefore provides perfect assembly and complete sealing when jointing different materials subject to thermal strains.

CAF 909 AXAD BLACK is mainly used in sealing and bonding applications for Household electrical appliances:

  • vitroceramic hobs,
  • oven fascias,
  • Microwave oven.


Europe Middle East Africa

For information about Storage and Shelf Life for this product, please download the Technical Data Sheet.







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