• Some fillers may settle during transport and storage. To ensure a uniform mix, the components should be thoroughly stirred prior to use.

  • BLUESIL TCS 7311 can be further additivated with pigments, please contact Bluestar Silicones’ technical support for more information.

  • BLUESIL TCS 7311 can be applied by spraying, by knife coating…

  • Adhesion to substrate will depend upon the curing conditions. A preliminary test is recommended to determine optimum cure conditions

  • After use, packaging must be tightly closed and protected against moisture contamination to preserve its properties. When packaging has been opened, material should be used rapidly.


SENSITIVE TO MOISTURE STORAGE +2°C Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.RoHS;WEEE


BLUESIL TCS 7311 is a one-component elastomer which cures at room temperature when in contact with air moisture.
It is a dispersion specifically designed for the coating of conveyor belts. All products from the Textile Coating System product line are specially designed for textile coating applications.

Coating;Fabric Coating;High Temperature Protection;Hydrophobing;Protection;Water Repellency

1 Part RTV Acetoxy



  • One component, easy to handle

  • Provides without dilution a very thin layer coating

  • Easy to process, can be applied by spray if diluted

  • Room temperature curable when in contact with air moisture

  • Cure rate can be accelerated by increasing temperature and humidity


Designed for the coating of conveyor belts.

Asia Pacific;Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America;North America

For information about Storage and Shelf Life for this product, please download the Technical Data Sheet.




Viscosity7000MonocompNF T 76102mPa.s
Dry content73Monocomp%
Hardness30MonocompISO 868sh.A
Elongation250MonocompNF ISO 37%
Tensile strength> 2.5MonocompNF ISO 37MPa























Silicone Anti-Slip: Conveyor Belts Anti-Slip: Conveyor Belts












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