BLUESIL SLT VEC 99 is processed after mixing parts A and B in a ratio of 9 to 1 by volume using the appropriate dispensing and mixing equipment.

The various machines that can be used for two component products available on the market can be used subject to certain minor modifications.

Specific data
Application temperature (°C)​+15 to +35
Tooling time (min, approx.)​2
Handle ability time (hours)​12 to 24
​Time before façade fitting (days, mini, approx.)​3



BLUESIL SLT VEC 99 gives primerless adhesion on clear glass.

Certain thermo-lacquered aluminiums also give good adhesion after degreasing (e.g. with F spirit).

For all other surfaces, for example anodised aluminium, and in view of the expected performance levels in Structural Glazing applications, it is recommended to initially apply a primer (BLUESIL PRIM 10073).

It has perfect compatibility with most commercial seal backings.

Comment: apart from clear glass applications, preliminary project specific testing must be carried out for all other surfaces.

BLUESIL SLT VEC 99A BLACK may be stored at temperatures between 2°C / 36°F and 30°C / 86°F for up to 18 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


BLUESIL SLT VEC 99 is a two-component silicone elastomer with a high modulus of elasticity.

After homogeneous mixing of parts A and B, the paste-like product transforms quickly at room temperature into an elastic material with outstanding mechanical and adhesion properties.

Its advantage, relative to conventional two-component elastomers lies in the large  tolerance relative to the accuracy of the ratio A/B.

BLUESIL SLT VEC 99 has been specially designed to meet requirements in Structural Glazing applications.


1 Part RTV Acetoxy

​BLUESIL SLT VEC 99 is formulated based on an acetic cure system (part A) and an accelerating agent (part B).

The original feature of the accelerating agent lies in its ability once mixed to form "nascent" water within the product, after mixing and to consume all or part of the acetic acid that is released.

Its cure rate is therefore independent of joint section (within usage limits in structural glazing applications), for a defined mixing ratio.

The product can even cure perfectly in a confined joint configuration. Moreover it has the capability of absorbing fluctuations in mixing ratio without any significant modification of its final characteristics.

Furthermore, BLUESIL SLT VEC 99 exhibits:

  • High curing speed.
  • High mechanical properties suitable for structural glazing applications.
  • Easy processing using simple dispensing and mixing machines.
  • Primerless adhesion to most materials encountered in the structural glazing market.
  • Outstanding natural ageing resistance and maintaining of properties in extreme service temperatures.

BLUESIL SLT VEC 99 is mainly intended for assembly applications using the Structural Glazing technique.

Europe Middle East Africa;North America;Central and South America;Asia Pacific




Hardness24PairedCompISO 868sh.A
Modulus0.60PairedCompISO 8339MPa
Elongation270PairedCompISO 8339%
Tensile strength1.0PairedCompISO 8339MPa




Hardness24PairedCompISO 868sh.A
Modulus0.60PairedCompISO 8339MPa
Elongation270PairedCompISO 8339%
Tensile strength1.0PairedCompISO 8339MPa










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