1. Mould stripping agent

When determining the exact concentration to use in each particular case, it is advisable to begin by obtained a test emulsion made by diluting one part BLUESIL EMUL 35 parts water.
Add the water in the emulsion. All that is required to make this preparation is to add the necessary amount of water and shake. The hardness of the water must be less than 250 ppm CaCO3.
If, with this concentration, the moulded part cannot be released properly or its surface appearance is unsatisfactory, the concentration of BLUESIL EMUL 55 is progressively increased, shaking each time more is added, until the appropriate result is obtained.

If the 1/35 concentration proves satisfactory, water is added, little by little, shaking each time, so as to attain the minimum concentration needed for proper mould stripping.

This product is normally applied using a spray-gun adjusted so as to provide a very fine spray. A thin, even film is obtained in this way. An alternative method is to apply the product by paint-brush or by pad, although the latter is not as economical.
In most instances, a single application will last for several mould-stripping operations, but many users prefer a more heavily diluted emulsion which they apply prior to each mould-filling operation.

The following precautions should be taken, the product should be applied in the following conditions:

  •  the moulds, over which it is spread, must be thoroughly degreased and cleaned: any remnants of previously moulded parts or traces of alkali pickling solution will prevent the silicones from being properly spread over the mould surface, thereby causing surface defects.
  • the product should be applied over hot moulds heated to at least 110/120 °C so that the water, which must be eliminated before moulding, evaporates instantaneously.
  •  it should be used in conjunction with emulsions in diluted form. Undiluted or insufficiently diluted BLUESIL EMUL 55 will result in defective castings because the moulding material will b prevented from fusing together. At the same time, there will not be any improvement in mould-stripping.

2 - Maintenance products

Polishes and cleansers for artificial leather
In addition to its water-repellent and softening power, BLUESIL EMUL 55 deposits a glossy, water- and dust-resistant surface film. It is normally used, in a proportion of 8 to 10 %, in polish formulations for PVC or pUR artificial leathers (clothing, shoes, fancy leather goods, and automobile upholstery) and, in a proportion of 3 to 5 %, in cleansers for the same types of goods.
Furniture polish
As a furniture polish additive in a proportion of 1 to 3 %, particularly in laminated furniture polish, BLUESIL EMUL 55 improves the cleaning and polishing characteristics of the polish and imparts a surface gloss resistant to water and water-borne stains.

BLUESIL EMUL 55 may be stored at temperatures between 2°C / 36°F and 30°C / 86°F for up to 12 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.


BLUESIL EMUL 55 is a non-ionic, silicone oil-based aqueous emulsion with 35 % active material.

Additive;Coating;Fire Protection;High Temperature Protection;Lubrication;Non-stick;Release;Shine;Slip;Stabilizer;Surface Tension Reduction;Water Repellency


BLUESIL EMUL 55 has the following advantages:

  •  easy to dilute, which has no adverse effect on its stability: it can be diluted up to a concentration of 1 part emulsion for 200 parts water
  • excellent stability whether in concentrated or diluted state
  • remarkably effective as a mould-stripping agent: its extremely fine particles (about 0.5 microns) leave a thin, uniform film inhibiting any adhesion after the water evoparates. This film is heat-stable, does not clog the mould. As a result, parts removed from moulds have a shiny, exceptional finish.
  •  very good wetting power.

BLUESIL EMUL 55 is mainly used as a mould-stripping agent in foundries, and also has applications in the rubber and plastics industries.
Moreover, it is one of the component elements making up polishes and cleaners for artificial leather fabrics (PVC, PUR) and furniture polishes.

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