Surfaces to be treated with BLUESIL GRS 55 should be carefully dusted, cleaned and degreased before application.
BLUESIL GRS 55 can be applied with tap or brush.

1. BLUESIL GRS 55 should not be applied to surfaces which are to be painted.
2. BLUESIL GRS 55 is not recommended for the lubrication of taps and valves for oxygen systems. This is because silicones in contact with oxygen under pressure may cause explosions.
3. Do not mix with other greases
4. We recommend to proceed to some compatibility tests if contacts with rubbers or plastics are expected.

BLUESIL GRS 55 may be stored at a temperature below 40 °C/ 104 °F for up to 18 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.ELV;RoHS


BLUESIL GRS 55 consists of a silicone fluid thickened with a lithium soap. It is especially designed for dynamic lubrication between rubber and metal in pneumatic systems.
Its formulation allows a slight swelling of the rubber, that ensures very good tightness between rubber and metal.
BLUESIL GRS 55 is designed to meet the requirements of MIL G-4343 C and OTAN G 392.


Paste & Grease




  • Résistance to heat: slight lowering of viscosity with increasing temperature but does not decompose and gives a long service life.
  • Very little change in consistency with temperature: does not stiffen when cold, does not thin out at high temperatures.
  • Very good stability: especially in contact with water and most corrosive media.



  • Dynamic lubrication in aeronautical pneumatic systems.
  • Lubrication of toroidal joints and seals in the car industry.
  • Lubrication of rings on metallic shafts.


Asia Pacific;Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America




Worked penetration280MonocompASTM D 2171/10mm
Volatile Content2.5MonocompMIL-S-8660C%