1. Mixing the two components
SILBIONE TCS 100 parts
Pot life of the mixture at RT, minutes, approx.…150
2. Processing / Curing
2.1 Processing
The similar viscosity of SILBIONE TCS 7561 A and SILBIONE TCS CATA 7602 C enables quick and easy mixing thanks to disposable static mixers. Application can be carried out either manually or, in case of larger quantities, using automatic dispensing equipment. It is recommended to apply SILBIONE TCS 7561 on clean and dry surfaces.
The system SILBIONE TCS / TCS is sensitive to inhibition from contact with materials containing tin salts, amines or sulphur.
When packaging has been opened, material must be used rapidly and/or resealed properly when stored to avoid potential inhibition or pollution of the two parts that could lead to lower performance or possible yellowing of the catalyst part.
2.2 Curing
SILBIONE TCS 7561 starts curing even in confined spaces as soon as the two parts are mixed. At room temperature, the pot life is about 150 minutes. When exposed to temperature, cure rate is increased and the material should be completely crosslinked after a few minutes at relatively high temperature.
For example, for 1 mm thick layer of SILBIONE TCS 7561:
Curing time as a function of the temperature (approx.) …………. 3 to 5 minutes at
.……………...2 minutes at
…….………….1 minute at

SILBIONE TCS 7561 A may be stored at a temperature below 40°C / 104°F for up to 6 months from its date of manufacturing.Please consult the Safety Data Sheet of this product.Healthcare Class I;OEKO-TEX;RoHS;Skin Contact;VOC;WEEE


SILBIONE TCS 7561 A associated with SILBIONE TCS catalyst 7602 is a two-component heat curing liquid silicone elastomer which cures by a polyaddition reaction.
Thanks to its extremely low softness and low modulus, this product is ideally suited for application on fabrics and bands used in undergarments and lingerie, as well as fabrics for medical applications, providing excellent non-slip characteristics without tension on the skin.
All products from the Textile Coating System product line are specially engineered for textile coating applications.

Anti-slip;Bio-compatibility;Coating;Fabric Coating

2 Part RTV

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Healthcare Class I;OEKO-TEX;RoHS;Skin Contact;VOC;WEEE

  • Quick cure rate, with heat.

  • Easy to process, same catalyst as SILBIONE TCS 7560.

  • Excellent non-slip properties, with surface stickiness.

  • Viscosity adapted to a large range of substrate.

  • Very low Modulus for a better skin contact and comfort.

  • Easy-to-handle properties allow for a wide variety of applications.

  • Resistance to dyes and detergents.


  • Lace coating of continuous or non-continuous bands (for support stockings).

  • Bra straps, trousers’ waist bands, parts of lingerie articles.

  • Highly technical fabrics where non-slip characteristics are needed.

  • Medical support stockings.

  • Medical devices.


Asia Pacific;Europe Middle East Africa;Central and South America;North America




Viscosity150.000PairedCompNF T 76102mPa.s
ColorTransparentPairedCompASTM D 412




Viscosity100.000PairedCompNF T 76102mPa.s
ColorTransparentMonocompASTM D 412






hardness_cd523e03-72a3-4261-93f9-36f7bbeeafb1hardness_cd523e03-72a3-4261-93f9-36f7bbeeafb1Hardness45PairedMixISO 868Sh 00
elongation_68a5ddf2-2baf-4e60-ac6f-0a8a18a758b2elongation_68a5ddf2-2baf-4e60-ac6f-0a8a18a758b2Elongation1.000PairedMixNF ISO 37%





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Silicone Anti-Slip Anti-Slip












Silbione™ TCS 7541™ TCS 7541
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