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The Challenge

Silicones are versatile and magical materials, widely used to improve our daily lives.

  • In the consumer market, silicones are used to enhance the sensory experience for people who use cosmetics, since they are completely inert, physiologically safe and free from any any skin irritants. Silicones are used in countless applications for people of all ages, such as improving the safety and comfort of baby-bottle nipples.

  • In power applications, silicones are ideal materials for cables and insulation, to efficiently carry electrical power and protect equipment and people, even in the harshest or most critical environments.

  • In the transport industry – on land, sea and in the skies – silicones are used in fluids, polymers, lubricants, engine seals and cables.

  • In the construction industry, silicone sealants provide reliable weatherproofing and insulation for buildings, ensuring a high level of resistance so that residences, offices and industrial facilities can withstand climate variations of all sorts.

  • In the chemical industry, manufacturers use silicone ingredients directly or as reagents and intermediates to synthesize their products.  Silicones are also widely used as process aids to improve manufacturing efficiency at all stages of production.

  • In medical markets, silicone elastomers are used to make a wide range of medical parts, from catheters to prostheses, via valves and adhesives for bandages. Silicones are safe and well adapted for medical applications because of their biocompatibility, chemical inertness, purity, safe physical properties and stability.

  • In textile and leather applications, amino-silicone fluids and emulsions are used as coatings and processing aids to soften leather and clothing, as well providing weatherproofing and strength to a new generation of fibers.


Because of their excellent performance characteristics and versatility, Elkem Silicones is developing applications in China and throughout the world to serve an ever-wider customer base. Our plant in Xinghuo is an essential provider for the entire Chinese market, which is growing steadily and in constant demand of new materials delivered on time and according to specifications. Our approach in China, as in the rest of the world, is to ensure that downstream silicone manufacturers always have the products they need and the services they demand to deliver their potential to their own customers.


Why us

Elkem Silicones is a reliable partner you can trust. Our products, trademarked specifically in China as Starsil™ are dedicated to serving all Chinese markets. Elkem Silicones's plant in Xinghuo is today the largest producer of silicone monomers in Asia. We produce up to 400,000 tons per year of silicone monomers and have the production capacity to produce up 120, 000 tons per year of downstream products. Our Chinese plant is fully integrated and benefits from the support and supply chain benefits of its sister companies worldwide. The Xinghuo site produces and provides a broad range of Starsil™​ silicone products, including HMDZ & HMDS, Siloxane, gum, vinyl oils, OH polymers, amino oils, PDMS, sealants, HCR, LSR, MH Sil fluid and emulsions serving all markets in China, from consumer products to electrical power, via transportation, construction, chemicals, medical, textiles and leather.



  • Professional teams located throughout China to support you at all times

    The Elkem Silicones Chinese team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring the success of your business or, as we say in our corporate tagline, to Deliver your Potential! With a network of offices in the main first tier cities of the country, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, our experts are always close to you and available for responding to your questions and inquiries quickly and efficiently.

  • A trusted Chinese partner you can rely on

    With its 60-year history, Elkem Silicones in Xinghuo is the leading manufacturer of silicone monomers in China and an industry leader in Asia. We are continuously optimizing our manufacturing processes to improve our production capabilities. Our goal has always been, and continues to be, to supply our Chinese customers with consistent quality and materials adapted to their needs. We are investing heavily in R&D to develop new products that satisfy increasingly demanding requirements, in terms of manufacturing efficiency, health, safety and environmental quality. Our Chinese customers can fully rely on Elkem Silicones. We have the capabilities, the professionalism and the dedication to build sustainable partnerships.

  • A full range of silicone products

    Elkem Silicones Chinese site in Xinghuo provides its customers with a full range of silicone products, including siloxane, intermediates and sealants. Our standard or custom-made products are designed and manufactured to satisfy your requirements, in terms of their critical properties, to facilitate your industrial processes and satisfy your customers.


Quick response to all your needs

"We are Powered by Passion" is one of Elkem Silicones's core values. Our people in China are passionate about silicones, which they consider to be a magical material. We are committed to providing the best products and services to all our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any question you may have about silicones or any problem you might be facing. Our team will be happy to respond to you and provide you with the goods and services you need to Deliver your Potential!

Product solving



Advanced Automotive PartsCritical automotive parts must withstand extreme conditions.Advanced Automotive Parts
Advanced MoldingElkem Silicones produces high quality advanced mold-making products for the most demanding applications. Advanced Molding
Antifoam / DefoamerA blue antifoam liquid solution with bubblesAntifoam agent safe for people and machine.Antifoam / Defoamer
Antiperspirants & DeodorantsA men using a silicone based deodorantDeodorants active ingredients.Antiperspirants & Deodorants
Chemical IntermediatesA BluestarSilicones Chemist wearing a white coat and protection glasses, preparing a silicone based solution in his lab.Silicone intermediates actively enhance the specialty and fine chemical products.Chemical Intermediates
DielectricA set of electrical transformers, capacitors and resistors using silicone based technologyDielectric safe material for insulation and cooling.Dielectric
Hair CareMirasil™ Hair Care Performance IngredientsHair Care
Hoses & TubesClose on the inside of a tube using silicone based technology.Hoses & Tubing Elastomers.Hoses & Tubes
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles ElectronicsAccelerate the transportation revolutionHybrid and Electric Vehicles Electronics
HygieneSafe and reliable self-adhesive silicones for your hygiene applications.Hygiene
Industrial ReleaseA close on the creation of an industrial mold in a factory.Silicones Optimize Industrial Release Applications.Industrial Release
Infusion MoldingReusable Vacuum Bag (RVB) silicone membranes improve the quality in composite molding.Infusion Molding
Pad & Roller PrintingClose on a roller printer using silicone to ensure ink transfer and durability.Pad and Roller printing secret for excellent ink transfer and durability on a wide range of surfaces. Pad & Roller Printing
PhotovoltaicA photovoltaic panel.Long lasting photovoltaic resisting extreme weather while keeping maximum productivity. Photovoltaic
Potting & EncapsulationA printed circuit board.Electrical Potting and Encapsulation providing safety while keeping the high performance.Potting & Encapsulation
Silicone Rubber CalenderingSilicone rubber for an accurate calendaring process.Silicone Rubber Calendering
Silicone Rubber ExtrusionSilicone extrusion to meet manufacturers specific processes.Silicone Rubber Extrusion
Silicone Rubber Injection MoldingSilicone rubber solutions for easy-to-mold direct injection processing.Silicone Rubber Injection Molding
Skin CareMirasil™ Skin Care AdditiveSkin Care
SoftenersThree fuzzy and soft looking white towels rolled up. Silicones soften fabrics to make comfortable clothes.Softeners
Textile CoatingA blue water repealent textile recovered whit drops of water beading on it without infiltrating.Technical coated fabrics meeting their challenges with silicone textile coating.Textile Coating