Silicone products for human health

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​The Challenge

Manufacturers who serve healthcare industries and make products for human consumption use a wide range of silicones that must be dependable, safe, biocompatible and comply with strict regulatory standards. These products must be of the highest quality, easy to process, cost effective and customized to meet exacting specifications. They must also offer innovative properties that stand out in very demanding and competitive markets. Suppliers to health-sensitive industries must also offer complete support services, including R&D partnerships to develop new products upstream and reliable procurement and technical support services downstream.


Why us

Elkem Silicones has developed the Silbione™ range of products specifically designed to serve health-related markets. These include:

Healthcare grades

  • For medical devices, skin contact, short term implants

  • Silicone oils that comply with specific regulatory requirements

  • For devices in contact with open wounds (Silbione™ HC2)

  • For long-term implants (Silbione™ Biomedical)

Skin contact grades

  • Elastomer coating for textiles (Silbione™​ TCS)

Food contact compliant grandes

  • Release systems for baking and cooking utensils

  • Cork treatment



Our Silbione™​ Difference program is based on four pillars to ensure quality and total customer support. The goal of this program is to work closely with you to:

  • Satisfy your customers with precise final product performance, including durability, purity, transparency and consistency

  • Improve your competitiveness with easy-to-process tailor-made formulas for enhanced productivity, delivered on time and backed with full technical and logistical support services

  • Differentiate your offering with customized and innovative solutions that offer outstanding features for final users and respond to developing market trends

  • Provide you with peace of mind based on our commitment and experience in providing pure high-quality products and our support to ensure biocompatibility and comply with regulatory standards.

Product solving



Cardiac Resynchronization DevicesBiomedical grade silicones for cardiac resynchronization devices.Cardiac Resynchronization Devices
Hoses & TubesClose on the inside of a tube using silicone based technology.Hoses & Tubing Elastomers.Hoses & Tubes
Medical ValvesMedical Valves material meeting the highest standards of the medical and healthcare sectors.Medical Valves
Neurostimulation DevicesMaterial meeting the strict medical and regulatory requirements for neurostimulation devices.Neurostimulation Devices



Life Science: Silicone & Long Term ImplantsClose on the ear of a women putting on a hearing aid. Science: Silicone & Long Term ImplantsInvesting in healthcare and developing our industrial property portfolio in long-term medical implants. patented sippa drinking system enables people who have problems drinking normally to overcome their problem, using Elkem Silicones Liquid Silicone Rubber.



Liquid Silicone RubberA smiling man making exercices with his physiotherapist to get use to his left artificial leg. Silicone RubberHow do innovative silicones improve prosthetic liners?
Self-Bonding Soft Skin AdhesiveA self bonding soft skin adhesive band aid being removed. Soft Skin AdhesiveHow Elkem Silicones scientists found an innovative self-bonding soft-skin adhesive for wound dressings by refusing to believe it was impossible.
Silbione™ Biomedical ADH1 M200™-Biomedical-ADH1-M200-.aspxSilbione™ Biomedical ADH1 M200Implantable Grade Adhesive