LSR Select™

The Next Generation of Liquid Silicone Rubber is Here!

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​Improve Your Productivity

LSR Select™ is our patented, advanced system of materials designed to enhance the operation, control, flexibility, and productivity of liquid silicone rubber injection molding processes. 

With this next generation system, you can:

  • Improve productivity through controlled cure initiation resulting in efficiency and productivity gains
  • Achieve better process control to improve part appearance and increase part acceptance rate
  • Optimize capital investments with shorter cycle times resulting in increased part making capacity per press and increased profitability

Precise Durometer Blend

LSR Select™ gives you control to create unique and precise durometer blends. This ability of material blending allows you to:

  • Have better control over unique and precision hardness to meet your specific product requirements
  • Customize the durometer blend to control the end product performance

Achieve Low Temperature Cure:

It is now easier to over mold onto plastics and other substrates with the temperature flexibility provided by the LSR Select™ injection molding system. LSR Select™ enables you to cure at temperatures as low as 80°C. With more reliable cure kinetics, you can expand your range applications for low temperature curing and over molding, giving you energy savings and improved cost positions. ​​

Discover the possibilities LSR Select™ and Silbione​ LSR Select for healthcare offer to improve your performance, competitiveness and profitability.

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