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The Challenge

Silicones are used in a great diversity of applications, to improve our everyday lives with safer, more comfortable and more convenient products.

  • The transport industry on land, sea and in the air uses silicone in fluids, polymers, lubricants, engine seals, air bag coatings and for tire manufacturing

  • In the electrical and electronics industries, silicones are used for insulation and electrical protection, electronic sealing and potting, cable and equipment padding, heat resistance and fire protection

  • For the paint and coatings industry, silicones are used in paints, varnishes, papers, textiles, leather and adhesives

  • In industrial applications, silicones are used to manufacture decorative molds, industrial castings, art reproductions, anti-foam products for pulp and paper and for treating effluents

  • In the construction industry, silicones are used in architectural molds, structural seals, glass assembly, waterproofing, treatment of outside walls, sanitation installations and solar panel fastenings.

To serve these diverse industries and needs, silicone producers must not only provide their customers with customized products, they must know and understand their needs and work collaboratively with them in Research & Development and provide them with reliable logistics services and full technical support. ​


Why us

Bluesil™ is our dedicated trademark, created in 2011 by Elkem Silicones to replace the Rhodorsil® brand, for applications in transport, electrical and electronics, paint and coatings, architecture, construction and other industrial activities. The brand stands for high-quality and high-purity silicone ingredients and formulations. It expresses our identity, including:

  • Our expertise and commitment to a wide range of industrial sectors
  • Global presence, with production units in Europe, South America, North America and Asia Pacific
  • Our R&D and technical service laboratories located in major industrial manufacturing areas around the world, close to our customers' manufacturing facilities
  • Our competitive offering and dedication to our customers
  • 60 years of experience in designing and producing high-performance silicone products.


Beyond being a highly-diversified product range, Bluesil™ is a wide offer of services provided by highly-skilled professionals who listen to you and provide you with customized solutions to:

    • Optimize industrial productivity and efficiency through process improvements and defect rate and waste reductions

    • Reduce the total cost of operations

    • Ensure clean and safe processing to guarantee the quality of products

    • Comply with the most demanding standards.

    • Provide you with complete support services, including R&D partnerships, to develop new products upstream and reliable logistical and technical support services downstream.

To deliver the solutions you need, we provide tailor-made products and give you access to our related silicone technologies and expertise within our international group, with its fully integrated silicon design and production chain. We understand your sector and your desire for innovation and differentiation. We are available to advise you, amaze you and provide you with outstanding solutions.

Product solving



Adhesive bandagesSkin friendly adhesives to help treat everyday minor cuts and scrapesAdhesive bandages
Agricultural AdjuvantsA green agricultural wheat fieldHow do Elkem Silicones adjuvants improve agriculture?Agricultural Adjuvants
AirbagsTwo dummies in a car before an airbag crash test.Durability and reliability of silicones for automotive airbags.Airbags
Antifoam / DefoamerA blue antifoam liquid solution with bubblesSilcolapse® antifoams and defoamers.Antifoam / Defoamer
Antiperspirants & DeodorantsA men using a silicone based deodorantSilicones to feel cool.Antiperspirants & Deodorants
Chemical IntermediatesA BluestarSilicones Chemist wearing a white coat and protection glasses, preparing a silicone based solution in his lab.Silicone intermediates actively enhance chemical products.Chemical Intermediates
DielectricA set of electrical transformers, capacitors and resistors using silicone based technologySilicones for Dielectric Applications.Dielectric
Hoses & TubesClose on the inside of a tube using silicone based technology.Elkem Silicones Hoses & Tubing Elastomers.Hoses & Tubes
Mold MakingClose on the head of a statue for which the molding process used silicone.Silicone is used in a wide variety of industries to mold plastics, composites, rubber, metals, concrete and other materials.Mold Making
Pad & Roller PrintingClose on a roller printer using silicone to ensure ink transfer and durability.Producers of printing pads and rollers demand customized silicones to ensure excellent ink transfer and durability on a wide range of surfaces.Pad & Roller Printing
PhotovoltaicA photovoltaic panel.Photovoltaic and Concentrated Photovoltaic Panels must be productive, long lasting and resist extreme weather conditions.Photovoltaic
Potting & EncapsulationA printed circuit board.Electronics are increasingly present in our lives, from transport to handheld digital devices, via smart lighting systems and electrical grids.Potting & Encapsulation
Raw MaterialsClose on transparent silicon containing bubbles.How can silicone raw materials improve chemical manufacturing ?Raw Materials
Sealing, Bonding & Industrial AssemblyPicture of a white industrial robotic arm in a top end technological factory.​Industrial Sealing and Bonding Applications.Sealing, Bonding & Industrial Assembly
Self-Adhesive LabelsA bottle of beer with an intact label taken out of from cold iced water.Silcolease® silicones for self-adhesive labelsSelf-Adhesive Labels
Textile CoatingA blue water repealent textile recovered whit drops of water beading on it without infiltrating.Meet technical textiles’ challenges with Elkem Silicones.Textile Coating



Extrusion of Tubes and CathetersMedical catheters manufactured with an extrusion process using silicone. of Tubes and CathetersSilicones are ideal for making extruded tubing and catheters, providing the highest performance levels and complying with the most demanding standards.



Picture of a car engine being jump-started. ABBADIGlobal Business ManagerSilicone wire to replace externally sourced cables.



Silicones for Electronics PottingA computer circuit being inducted of silicone potting layer. for Electronics PottingPower electronics devices using IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) operate at up to 200°C, that only new high temperature silicone-based potting materials can resist.
Bluesil FRC 8470A low smoke zero halogeen cable (LSZH) in fire. FRC 8470Innovative HCR in safety cables saves lives.
Artificial Leather Coating SolutionsSewing machine sewing an artificial leather. Leather Coating SolutionsElkem Silicones coating for faux leather : Durable and Ecofriendly solutions.



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