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Cable with smoke coming out due to short circuit.



Silicones: high resistant material dedicated to wire and cables​.

Wire and cable manufacturers must make products that conduct electricity properly, are well insulated and perform in even the most extreme conditions, withstanding extreme heat and cold, corrosion, moisture, ozone and fire hazards. We provide them with high-performance silicones that are readily available, easy to process and cost-effective, while complying with the most demanding environmental and safety standards.

The Bluesil™ line of HCR (High Consistency Rubber) elastomers, more resistant and safer than thermal plastics and organic elastomers, are custom designed for all wire and cable applications to protect sensitive electrical installations. We are available worldwide to develop custom-made solutions with you and to ensure reliable supply chain and technical support, as well as regulatory assistance to meet compliance issues. Our full range of cable and wire solutions is available in a variety of shapes and colors in Master Batches (without incorporated catalysts) or in ready-to-use compounds through our Mix&Fix™​ Centers, the Elkem Silicones compounding network.




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Wire & Cable