Silicones soften fabrics to make comfortable clothes.

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Specialist silicones for textiles and clothing softeners

Textile, yarn and thread manufacturers, clothing designers and garment makers all depend on silicones to make clothes that drape attractively and are comfortable to wear. This is because fabrics that have been scoured and dyed during their processing become harsh and need softening before being sold and worn. Silicones are very efficient in creating the pleasant and silky-smooth feel that consumers have come to expect of their clothing.

Elkem Silicones has developed a wide range of skin-friendly softening products that are applied to textiles when they are manufactured to make clothes more comfortable. These silicones include a patented HALS amino-silicone technology to avoid the yellowing frequently associated with other softeners.  Our experts are available worldwide to advise you and work collaboratively with you to find the solutions you need.

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