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How can silicone raw materials improve chemical manufacturing?

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Silicone-based raw materials and intermediates

Silicone-based raw materials and formulation ingredients are used for a wide range of applications in chemical manufacturing: chlorosilanes, siloxanes, methyl resins, silanol fluids and siloxylated polyethers. These are used directly to improve the efficiency of processes, as well indirectly as lubricants and foam control agents, for example. Elkem Silicones has a longstanding tradition of partnering with its customers to jointly develop tailor-made solutions to meet their functional requirements. We offer formulators a full range of silicone-based raw materials and intermediates, produced in our state-of-the-art facilities

Silicones are extremely versatile, applied in such diverse applications as improving the flexibility and strength of polymers, increasing water repellency and chemical resistance or improving gas permeability. To deliver solutions for our customers, we leverage our outstanding silicone technologies by giving you access to related technologies and expertise within our group. Elkem Silicones understands your desire for differentiation and we are available to amaze you and provide you with innovative solutions. We care about what you need and would be delighted to have the opportunity to put our teams to the test !

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