Industrial Release

Silicones Optimize Industrial Release Applications.

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A close on the creation of an industrial mold in a factory.



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​Serving a wide range of industries

Industrial release applications are essential to properly mold plastics, metals, rubber and other materials. To obtain the right separation properties, slip effect and surface aspects, Elkem Silicones provides you with a wide choice of ingredients and raw materials to optimize formulations for specific applications. Our release ingredients are designed to facilitate the manufacture of quality products efficiently and cost-effectively, while reducing waste and the consumption of water and energy.

Our experts are available on all four continents to advise you and provide technical support. Elkem Silicones release solutions are applied in a great diversity of industries and for a wide variety of materials:

  • In foundries for molding metals, in croning and die casting processes (aluminum, ZAMAK, magnesium, etc.)

  • For rubber and polyurethane molding and extrusion

  • For tire curing and retreading

  • For thermoplastic processing

For composites, concrete, panel pressing and other applications.

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Industrial release



AutomotiveDetail of an engine Intake car.Elkem Silicones products are used in a wide range of applications in the automotive industry to enhance manufacturing and make cars better and safer.Automotive
FoundrySilicones are ideal for making lost-wax molding models for art foundries.Foundry
MarineA boat approaching an offshore marine platform to stock some fuel.Silicones are widely used in shipping, for leisure crafts and for offshore oil & gas rigs for their performance features and to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Marine
Plastic RecyclingReduce and control foam produced in the sorting, separation and manufacturing of recycled plastics with Silcolapse® and Bluesil®Plastic Recycling
Printing & ConvertingA printing pad roller.Printing and converting companies depend on Elkem Silicones to facilitate their web-processing applications.Printing & Converting
Rubber ManufacturingPicture of a yellow rubber mask and tuba.Innovative Silicone Elastomers for Rubber Manufacturing.Rubber Manufacturing
TapeTransparent tape.Self-adhesive Tape SiliconesTape
Tire ManufacturingA black tire. Elkem Silicones Products for Tire Manufacturing.Tire Manufacturing



Art & FoundryArt foundry using silicone for the lost wax casting process.Silicone is an ideal material for use when modelling - silicone simply calls for creativity !Art & Foundry
ConstructionKeeping buildings dry and energy efficient.Construction
Food & BeverageSilicones are the secret ingredient for Packaging, Labels and Kitchen Tools.Food & Beverage
Pulp & PaperThik blue paper half rolled up letting light go through.From Pulp to Specialty Paper. Silicones add value.Pulp & Paper
Rubber, Plastic & CompositeClose on multiple coloured cables.Polymers helping Polymers.Rubber, Plastic & Composite
TransportationPicture of a metro transportation station with a blured filter to give a speed impression.Keeping the world moving.Transportation



Silicone Release Agents Reduce Costs A black tire. Release Agents Reduce Costs Elkem Silicones specialists worked closely with a tire maker to find an optimized tailor-made solution using Lyndcoat BR2512.



Silcolease silicone brand logo.
Lyndcoat silicone brand logo.





LyndcoatA BluestarSilicones R&D employee presenting a tire using durable multi-release agents. do innovative silicone formulations enhance bladder release performance?
UV Cure Silicone Release Coating For Printing ConvertingIndustrial printer at work on silicone coated paper. Cure Silicone Release Coating For Printing ConvertingSilcolease® UV POLY 120
Low Odor UV Cure Silicone Release CoatingIndustrial printer at work on silicone coated paper. Odor UV Cure Silicone Release CoatingSilcolease® UV POLY 246



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