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Close on the inside of a tube using silicone based technology.



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​Two distinct product lines for two distinct applications

Hoses generally used in automotive applications and tubing for medical and pharmaceutical applications, as well as those used in food processing and consumption require dedicated technical and regulatory expertise. Elkem Silicones has specific product lines that cater to each sector and we work closely with our customers to develop and customize the right products for the right purposes.

For hoses, generally used for automotive applications under the hood, our Bluesil® HCR products (Series 200, 600, 700, HP and HD 1060 & 1070) cover a wide range of automotive fluid transmission needs, from low compression to high duty applications, with excellent temperature, corrosion and mechanical resistance properties.

Our Silbione® HCRs 71 000 series for tubing and catheters used in medical, pharmaceutical and food applications, provide products that are safe, biocompatible, transparent, nitrosamine-free and which comply with the strictest regulations to make them innocuous for human contact and consumption. Both these product lines are specially formulated to be integrated into extrusion manufacturing processes.

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Extrusion of Tubes and CathetersMedical catheters manufactured with an extrusion process using silicone.https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/KEC/Pages/CaseStudies/Extrusion-of-Tubes-and-Catheters.aspxExtrusion of Tubes and CathetersSilicones are ideal for making extruded tubing and catheters, providing the highest performance levels and complying with the most demanding standards.



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Heavy Duty HCR for AutomotivePicture of an automotive motor.https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/KEC/Pages/Heavy-Duty-HCR-for-Automotive.aspxHeavy Duty HCR for AutomotiveInnovative HCR (High Consistency Rubber) geared to heavy-duty auto applications



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