Chemical Intermediates

Silicone intermediates actively enhance the specialty and fine chemical products.

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A BluestarSilicones Chemist wearing a white coat and protection glasses, preparing a silicone based solution in his lab.



​Silicone the chemical intermediate building block

Manufacturers of specialty and fine chemicals use certain specific silicones as synthetic intermediates for pharmaceutical and agrochemical active ingredients.  Silicones are copolymerized into materials to increase flexibility and improve impact resistance while introducing greater water repellency, chemical resistance and gas permeability. These silicone intermediates must be of the highest quality, easy to process, cost effective and customized to meet exacting specifications and strict regulatory standards. This is especially true when applied to healthcare products, in that their bio-inertness of silicones enables their use in dental, medical and optical applications.

Elkem Silicones provides the intermediates to build your chemicals:

  • Bluesil™ Trimere D3 is the foundation intermediate for the development of a new generation of chemicals known as asymmetric polymers.

  • Bluesil™ silanic materials are the platform for creating organo-functionalized silicones.

  • Bluesil™​​ vinyl silicones are the 'bricks' for RTV2 silicone rubber.

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Chemical Intermediate



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