Antifoam / Defoamer

Antifoam agent safe for people and machine.

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A blue antifoam liquid solution with bubbles



Silicone antifoams and defoamers

Foam control is a key requirement for manufacturers in many industries: crop protection, oil & gas, pulp making, chemical processing, effluent treatment, recycling, textiles & leather, food and beverages, cleaning products, etc. Our full line of Silcolapse™ foam control formulation ingredients and processing aids make manufacturing more efficient and cleaner, improve the quality of final products, reduce waste and energy consumption and facilitate recycling. They are safe for people and equipment and comply with the strictest standards.

For over 30 years, we have been developing and producing our full-range line of Silcolapse™​ to constantly deliver cutting-edge products to our customers worldwide. Our experts are always available to advise you upstream and make sure that our foam control ingredients do exactly what's needed in your specific manufacturing processes. They are designed to be compatible with numerous non-aqueous and aqueous media in different forms, such as compounds and emulsions, as part of a complete and highly-efficient portfolio.  Downstream, we also provide all the information and certifications needed to comply with regulatory constraints.



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