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Wine-stopper slip treatment with silicone.

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​Great wine stoppers for great wines

Manufacturers of still and sparkling wines, as well as other related beverages, are increasingly using organoleptically neutral, silicone-treated closures. These permanent, cost-effective and environmentally friendly products are appreciated by winemakers and consumers alike for their convenience and ease-of-use.  To respond to this growing demand, Elkem Silicones has developed solutions, in addition to cork stopper treatments, that allow for perfect slip treatments of alternative closures replacing cork, like agglomerated cork & synthetic stoppers.

Elkem Silicones is today the major wine-stopper treatment supplier worldwide. This industry leadership is based on the features of Silbione™ Dispersion CAF 70004 and Silbione™ CAF 72589, optimized for permanent slip treatment, which maintain their stable characteristics over time. This means that corks as well as synthetic closures treated with these can be pulled out of the bottle with the same extraction force even after 20 years of wine aging. This is a significant advantage over competitive treatments like Teflon, oil or wax that can migrate from the stopper and potentially affect the wine. The same goes for Champagne stopper treatments where the permanent non migrating silicone elastomers insure perfect quality of the product.

Silicone treatments are organoleptically neutral and help preserving the wines and sparkling wines characteristics over time, which is a major plus for consumers.

Silbione™ Dispersion CAF 70004 and Silbione™​ CAF 72589 for wine and sparkling wine stopper release coatings feature:

  • Specially designed formulations for very thin coatings without dilution
  • Ease of processing, including spray-on applications
  • Effective artificial cork lubrication
  • Excellent liquid-tightness after corking
  • Non-alteration of the organoleptic properties of liquids on contact
  • Safety for human consumption and compliance with all major food contact regulations worldwide

All these key features of silicone elastomer-type permanent slip treatments make them a material of choice for quality wines that are often stored for many years.

Each stopper is typically treated with only 2-40mg of silicone coating, depending on stopper type, size and material. The treatment is usually applied in rotating drums, thus guaranteeing homogeneous product dispersion. Introduction is achieved quickly, so that the silicone is evenly spread before curing, leaving a thin and effective layer. Quick-drying capability at room temperature is effective in ensuring the best possible slip quality without altering the closure.

In terms of compliance, Elkem Silicones products for wine & Champagne stopper treatments are recognized by the French wine authority INRA, the Champagne wine authority CESPROP and the “Bouchon Champagne”, as well as the Spanish “Freixenet” labels.

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