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Release agents and coatings for tire manufacturing.

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Silicone for a secure tire quality and durable bladder life

Tire manufacturers use a wide range of silicone-based formulations for enhanced processing in tire curing and production. They demand products that enable them to make high quality tires safely and cleanly, that increase productivity and reduce costs and capital expenditures. Elkem Silicones has been servicing the tire industry with products from the Lyndcoat™ range for over 30 years, offering mold releases, bladder coatings, bladder paints, repair agents, inside paints and band-ply lubricants for improved bladder centering and air evacuation, generating best-in-class defect rates. Mold-making compositions for precision manufacturing of tire molds, with or without vent valves, complete the offer.

Lyndcoat™​ is more than a product range; it is a wide choice of services offered by highly-skilled professionals who listen and understand their customers' needs and provide them with customized solutions to:

  • Optimize productivity and efficiency through defect rate and waste reduction, as well as bladder life improvement

  • Reduce the total cost of operations

  • Increase production capacities with minimal or no capital expenditures

  • Ensure clean and safe processing to guarantee the quality of finished tires and optimize their aesthetics.

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Tire Manufacture