Textile Finishing

Softener, water repellent and non-yellowing, many missions for the textile finishing.

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Key silicone products for the textile finishing value chain

Textile manufacturers use silicones in their finishing processes to obtain the right features for their fabrics, such as softness, water-absorbency levels, resistance to yellowing, skin-friendliness and attractive draping.

Textile finishing enhances fabrics that have been scoured and dyed during the initial stages of processing, making them harsh and uncomfortable for skin contact and wear. The Elkem Silicones line of Bluesil™ products provides specific features for creating the pleasant and silky-smooth feel that consumers demand in their clothing and other applications, such as furnishing covers. Some of these products also use our Elkem Silicones patented HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizing) technology to avoid yellowing and maintain the water-absorbency of natural fibers more efficiently than ‘standard’ silicone softeners, which tend to be hydrophobic.

Scouring agents often generate unwanted foams that hinder the process. The Elkem Silicones full line of Silcolapse™ foam control formulation ingredients and processing aids make manufacturing more efficient and cleaner, improve the quality of final products, reduce waste and energy consumption and facilitate recycling. They are safe for people and equipment and comply with the strictest standards.

Our textile finishing products include:

Bluesil ECOSOFT™, designed for use as a textile softener and lubricant. It provides smoothness, good drape characteristics, low yellowing, increased fabric elasticity, recovery, fabric tensile and tear strength. It is typically used on cellulosic and man-made fibers and woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics, and as a lubricant in raising and suede-production.

Bluesil FLD HYDROSOFT™ is a medium viscosity silicone copolymer, based on our patented HALS technology. It is useful in providing total non-yellowing protection (even at high temperatures), textile hydrophilicity and softness.

Bluesil™ EMUL 12 is an oil-in-water emulsion used in many industries, including textile manufacturing for lubrication and, in combination with Silcolease™​ EMULSION CATALYST 70827 A, to impart durable water repellency.

Our experts are available on all four continents to advise you and provide technical support to ensure that you have the right products and services for your textile manufacturing needs.

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Textile Finishing



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