Textile Coating

Meet technical textiles’ challenges with Elkem Silicones.

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A blue water repealent textile recovered whit drops of water beading on it without infiltrating.



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​Silicone Textile Coating Solutions

Textile coating silicones solve many challenges where materials must be flexible and light, yet also extremely resistant and durable with specific functionalities.

Silicone textile coating products are exceptionally resistant to environmental attack, such as UV exposure, heat, fire, aging and mechanical stress. This makes them ideal silicones for delivering protection and insulation properties in such technical textiles as personal protective equipment, welding blankets and insulation panels.

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Textile Coating



AutomotiveDetail of an engine Intake car.Elkem Silicones products are used in a wide range of applications in the automotive industry to enhance manufacturing and make cars better and safer.Automotivehttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Market_And_Application/Pages/Automotive.aspx
MarineA boat approaching an offshore marine platform to stock some fuel.Silicones are widely used in shipping, for leisure crafts and for offshore oil & gas rigs for their performance features and to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Marinehttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Market_And_Application/Pages/Marine.aspx
SportswearA group of runners trying out their new silicone coated sportswear.Silicones boost the performance of sportswear, making everyone feel better and more comfortable when they practice their favorite sports activities.Sportswearhttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Market_And_Application/Pages/Sportswear.aspx
Technical TextilesA waterrepealent red technical textile with drop of water beading on it without infiltrating.Silicones are ideal for coating technical textiles. They are versatile, easy to process and provide durable and innovative performance features. Technical Textileshttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Market_And_Application/Pages/Technical-Textiles.aspx



Textiles & LeatherClose on a black leather seat.Softeners, Water-repellents and Coatings.Textiles & Leatherhttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Industries/Pages/Textiles-and-Leather.aspx
TransportationPicture of a metro transportation station with a blured filter to give a speed impression.Keeping the world moving.Transportationhttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Industries/Pages/Transportation.aspx



Silicone Anti-Slip: Conveyor BeltsPicture of a convoyer belt full of bakery deserts set on an antislip surface.https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/KEC/Pages/CaseStudies/Silicone-Anti-Slip--Conveyor-Belts.aspxSilicone Anti-Slip: Conveyor BeltsElkem Silicones provides a full line of silicone anti-slip conveyer belts that are durable and safe for food processing application.



Bluesil silicone brand logo.https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Our_Brands/Pages/Bluesil.aspx





Artificial Leather Coating SolutionsSewing machine sewing an artificial leather.https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/KEC/Pages/Artificial-Leather-Coating-Solutions.aspxArtificial Leather Coating SolutionsElkem Silicones coating for faux leather : Durable and Ecofriendly solutions.
Anti-Slip Conveyor Textile BeltsA convoyer belt with silicone antislip coating in action.https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/KEC/Pages/Anti-Slip-Conveyor-Textile-Belts.aspxAnti-Slip Conveyor Textile BeltsA Food grade silicone coating with non-slip and release properties for conveyor belts.



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