Silicone Solutions for Self-adhesive Tapes and Fixings

Customers depend on Elkem Silicones solutions for their self-adhesive tape and fixing applications. Our silicones are specially designed to work with a variety of substrates and materials, including films, laminations, papers, poly foams, metal foils, fabrics, scrims and more. From nonstick release coatings to high-temperature protection adhesives, our silicones have the solution for your specialty tape.

As your one-stop silicone supplier, Elkem Silicones is able to offer you a full range of silicone technologies for non-stick protection of self-adhesive tapes. Our Silcolease® range includes solventless thermal, solventless UV (both cationic and free-radical), solvent-borne and emulsion systems to coat all varieties of tapes and fixing laminates with controlled and differential release capabilities. You also gain access to custom film and paper release liners of all types and sizes when you partner with us. For splicing and electronic protection tapes, the Silcolease® PSA range of self-adhesives offers you the best solution for your high-value specialty products.

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Industrial ReleaseA close on the creation of an industrial mold in a factory.Silicones Optimize Industrial Release Applications.Industrial Release
Release AgentsA tablecloth with maple sirop drops staying on the surface thanks to silicone release agents.Choose the right release characteristics for your release agent. Release Agents
Release LinerPicture of a label being neatly and easily pulled of from a cardboard box thanks to the silicone release liner film.Silicone coated release liners, protecting and facilitating the handling of sticky materials. Release Liner
Self-Adhesive LabelsA bottle of beer with an intact label taken out of from cold iced water.Control the release performance of your self-adhesive labels.Self-Adhesive Labels





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UV Cure Release CoatingsA Low-odor UV cationic. Cure Release CoatingsElkem Silicones has offered Silcolease® release coatings for more than 30 years
Silcolease® Optima SolutionsPicture of a label with silicone release coating being neatly and easily pulled of from a cardboard box.® Optima SolutionsSilcolease® XL 325 and 327
Low Odor UV Cure Silicone Release CoatingIndustrial printer at work on silicone coated paper. Odor UV Cure Silicone Release CoatingSilcolease® UV POLY 246