Synthetic Leather

Give the final touch to your synthetic leather with silicones

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Choose durable, weather resistant and eco-friendly silicones for your synthetic leather applications.​

Environmental and human-friendly, artificial leather's demand has been on the rise for the last few years and silicones have multiple roles to play in the process of delivering high quality end products.

Silicones from our Bluesil® range are the materials of choice to coat your synthetic leather and are ideally suited for all kinds of use from outdoor furniture to car seats or indoor playgrounds. They will deliver to your textiles multiple mechanical properties such as flexibility, durability, waterproofness or resistance to heat, fire and UV. 

Benefit from our Silcolease® silicones release agents range to enhance the look and the feel of your artificial leather finished products.

Our silicones will ensure that the casting sheets used to give the necessary leathery effect to your substrate are uniformly released from the substrate. Silicones also give to synthetic leather its glossy effect and ease its handling as they are waterproof and abrasion resistant.

You can count on our cutting-edge silicones to meet your stringent needs.

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Synthetic Leather



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