​Captivating Skin Delight

Silicones are known as the best in class ingredients to boost tactile properties in broad ranges of skin care products.  Through Elkem Silicones broad silicone technologies, Mirasil™, we empower you to create differentiated skin care products that give a delightful experience to the consumers.  This positive experience is delivered as a sensorial spectrum which can be designed and customized to meet the product identity.  Mirasil™ is an effective tool to build sensory characteristics in the skin care or to minimize negative skin feel of critical actives.  Examples of sensory attributes with depth generated by Mirasil™ are soft, smooth, cushioning in different intensities.  Sensory perfection is within reach! 

The sensory benefit is the initial driver for the use of Mirasil™ in skin care products​.  This led to widespread use of silicones in parallel with new development of differentiated products.  As a result, Mirasil™ has been fundamentals in enabling the creation of trend setting products.  

Upward functions and benefits of Mirasil™​​ in skin care are: 

  • Smooth light and soft feel
  • Anti-whitening
  • Enhanced spreadability and rub out
  • Detackification
  • Water resistance
  • Delivery system
  • Optically reduction of the appearance of fine lines and skin imperfection

Mirasil™​​ Skin Care Additives are categorized by substituted functionalities or functions in skin care formulations as follows.  

  • Classical methylated silicones
  • Performance concentrates
  • Emulsifiers
  • Amino functional silicones
  • Amino silicone emulsions
  • Alkyl functional silicones
  • Phenyl functional silicones
  • Multifunctional silicones
  • Spherical silicone powder
  • Silicone gel​
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