Skin Adhesives

Silicone Products for Skin Adhesives.

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Surgical tape using silicone skin adhesive.



​A range of skin-friendly silicone adhesives

Manufacturers of wound-care products use silicones in the production of skin-friendly, low-trauma adhesives for bandages, dressings and surgical tapes. The goal is not only to alleviate pain when removing skin adhesives, but also to avoid exacerbating existing wounds and ulcers or creating new ones. Beyond wound and scar care, silicone adhesives are used for wearable and attachable medical devices, as well as transdermal patches because they provide maximum comfort and are easily repositionable.

Elkem Silicones has developed the Silbione™​ range of medical-grade ingredients and formulations to make health-related products, including skin-friendly adhesives that are non-traumatic, non-adhesive to newly formed wet tissues and anti-allergenic. We work closely with our customers to meet the highest quality standards and design customized easy-to-process and cost-effective adhesives that are safe and comfortable for patients and final users. We also offer complete support services through our worldwide network, including reliable procurement and technical services.

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Skin Adhesives