Self-Adhesive Labels

Control the release performance of your self-adhesive labels.

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Silicones for self-adhesive labels


Long-term players in the label industry with our Silcolease® brand, Elkem Silicones offers a dedicated and comprehensive range of silicones for release liners used with self-adhesive labels.  Packaging holds a growing place in the way people consume nowadays, and labels are a critical component.  Silcolease products are designed to enable high-speed dispensing in labeling operations and the ideal release in everyday applications:


  • Nutrition and consumption information in the food and beverage industry
  • Formulations and composition in cosmetics and healthcare
  • Bar codes and weighing scale in supermarkets
  • Shipping details on any kind of letter, box or container


Our silicones offer outstanding mechanical properties for self-adhesive labels (also known as pressure-sensitive labels).  With Silcolease release coatings, you can control the release performance of your labels across a variety of application conditions (peel speed, substrates, adhesive type etc.). Silcolease® has been developed over the last 40-years, offering silicone release coatings in the widest range of formats: solvent-based, solventless and water-dilutable emulsions. Users can choose the system most appropriate for their specific coating equipment and substrate while considering energy, sustainability, regulatory and safety requirements.​

Our team of experts will do their very best to provide adapted services and solutions to improve your processes. ​


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Self-Adhesive Labels



Food Processing & PackagingCakes being baked in the oven with silicone coated paper.Food grade silicone for food processing and packaging industries.Food Processing & Packaging
Printing & ConvertingA printing pad roller.Perfect print quality for web-processing.Printing & Converting
TapeTransparent tape.Self-adhesive Tape SiliconesTape



Pulp & PaperThik blue paper half rolled up letting light go through.From Pulp to Specialty Paper. Silicones coatings add value.Pulp & Paper





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UV Cure Silicone Release Coating For Printing ConvertingIndustrial printer at work on silicone coated paper. Cure Silicone Release Coating For Printing ConvertingSilcolease® UV POLY 120
Low Odor UV Cure Silicone Release CoatingIndustrial printer at work on silicone coated paper. Odor UV Cure Silicone Release CoatingSilcolease® UV POLY 246
UV Cure Release CoatingsA Low-odor UV cationic. Cure Release CoatingsElkem Silicones has offered Silcolease® release coatings for more than 30 years



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