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A dedicated silicone rubber manufacturer with customized services

Manufacturers in a wide range of industries, from automotive to food processing, via kitchenware and medical parts makers, are increasingly using silicone elastomers to make better and safer products. The Bluesil™ line of HCR (High Consistency Rubber) elastomers, more resistant and safer than thermal plastics and organic polymers, are custom designed to enhance processing and to provide consumers with the products they need.

The Silbione™ range of LSRs and HCRs is specifically designed for high quality Healthcare solutions:

  • Silbione LSRs offer distinctive advantages of easy processing, easy release and high performance physical properties to improve part appearance and functionality, and productivity.

  • Silbione HCRs make them ideal for a variety of medical device applications including molded medical device parts, balloon catheters and extruded tubing

Bluesil™​ HCR silicones provide outstanding properties designed for today's demanding markets:

  • Heat stability from -50° to 200°C (and even up to 300°C with specific additives)

  • Exceptional resistance to extreme conditions

  • Wide-ranging applications

  • Innocuity due to the inorganic Si-O-Si chain

We are available worldwide to develop custom-made solutions with you and to ensure reliable supply chain and technical support, as well as regulatory assistance to meet compliance issues. Our full range of HCR silicone solutions is available through our Mix&Fix Centers™, the Elkem Silicones compounding network.

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