Release Liner

Silicone coated release liners, protecting and facilitating the handling of sticky materials.

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Picture of a label being neatly and easily pulled of from a cardboard box thanks to the silicone release liner film.



Silicone coated release liners​

Elkem Silicones offers a range of silicones designed to be applied on one or both sides of a paper or film substrate. Also known as silicone coated release liners, they are used to protect sticky surfaces and to ease their handling. Release liners are used in a wide array of markets and applications where it is critical to achieve a perfect coating to protect and deliver materials such as pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) used in tapes and labels to their end destination.

Trust our Silcolease™​​​ experts to bring you the support needed to minimize your coating weights, control release forces at all conversion speeds and optimize curing performance. Our silicones product line for release liners is available in the folllwing formats: solventless thermal, solventless UV (both cationic and free-radical), solvent-borne and emulsion systems.

Elkem Silicones is constantly striving to develop more sustainable solutions so make silicones a key aid for your environmental initiatives!  Silicones help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency and extending the lifespan of your product. Depending on your application you may also be able to recycle or reuse your silicone release liner.

Silicone release liners are ideal for easy release of self-adhesive materials and can be found in many applications: ​

  • decorative or bar code labels,
  • medical instruments and diagnostic tools,
  • marketing materials or interior design elements,
  • adhesive bandages,
  • information badges,
  • children's stickers,
  • indoor/outdoor notices,
  • warning labels,
  • tire labels,
  • bar code labels​

Whatever the end-application, to give your release liner its desired technical characteristics, the right combination of paper/film and silicones is decisive.  Contact us to find out how to select the best silicone release liner solution to solve your sticky problem.

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