Lightweight railway materials for high performance insulation and fire resistance

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​Make silicone railway technology solutions your next station for a safe journey​

By 2050, the growing world’s population will reach 10 billion people, with the great majority living in or near cities. Railways will become an important constituent in the transportation mix of trains, trams and subways, both for urban mobility and intercity travel. Rail system managers and train operators are developing efficient, safe, and cost-effective railway technologies with an increased focus on lightweight materials​ and more durable equipment.

Elkem Silicones’ experts are constantly developing and adapting our chemical compounds for our customers to ensure long-term durability, lightness, high elasticity and compression set and thermal and fire resistance features.

Since April 2013, the European railway market has had to comply with new and complex regulations, such as the EN45 545 fire resistance standard. Elkem Silicones’ Teams, have acquired a true understanding of national and European railway standards and are able to help the industry in the regulatory transition process.​

Silicone the railway material customizable for each of the rail applications​​


Working closely with our partners in the rail industry, Elkem Silicones has developed technical solutions and has built up an inhouse transportation performance and safety culture among  expert staff.

This wide range of Elkem Silicones products includes:

  • Bluesil™ FR 8700​, a new range of easy-to-process HCR silicone rubber products specifically designed for manufacturing fire resistant rubber parts used in profiles (doors, windows, walls) and panels for rolling stock and vehicles, as well as profiles, bellows and gangways.

  • Bluesil™ FR 8470​, the ideal material for the insulation of fire-resistant safety cables, ensuring their integrity. It prevents silicone-insulated sheaths from burning and reduces smoke and effluent gases in case of fire, allowing first responders and rescue teams to save human lives.

  • Bluesil™ RT Foam Grade, such RT 3242​ (A&B), used on gaskets for both the railroad and the automotive industries as fire retardants, thermal and noise insulation and as an enclosure for electrical equipment, cushioning and damping effects in high temperature variations. RT foams, because of their spongy characteristics, provide the performance benefits of standard silicones, but are lighter, providing added flexibility for critical fire resistance.

  • Bluesil™ ESA​ grade products (RTV-2) gel, adhesive and thermally conductive products for potting and encapsulation to protect electronic components in junction boxes, power electronics, IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors), sensors, CPUs, PCBs, etc. These product lines were developed specifically to sustain high service temperature conditions under harsh conditions. The products provide thermal resistance for engines and temperature control of batteries and electronic control units.

  • Bluesil CAF™ (RTV-1) provide self-adhesion to many metals, ceramic, glass and plastics. These products are often used in very demanding environments and must durably resist thermal and chemical aggression, while providing outstanding adhesion and mechanical performance.

  • Dielectric liquids, such as Bluesil™​ FLD 604V50, are mainly used as insulation and cooling materials for medium voltage equipment, such as submerged transformers. Its outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability make it the best choice for durability and reliable liquid-filled transformers. Fire behavior is also a key parameter for proposing Bluesil™​ FLD 604V50 in fire-safe immerged transformers indoors as well as outdoors in populated areas, buildings and for transportation applications.

Our comprehensive range of silicone products allows us to ensure a cross-disciplinary expertise as well as a multi-market approach. Our customers know they can count on us to provide them with specific silicone products and state-of-the-art applications that meet their needs and comply with their most demanding specifications. That's why our corporate signature is Delivering Your Potential. ​​

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Additive Manufacturing / 3D PrintingSilicones open the world of Additive manufacturing / 3D printing for customized solutions for multiple applications.Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printinghttps://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Our_offer/Market_And_Application/Pages/Additive-Manufacturing-3D-Printing.aspx