Silicone antifoam products for pulp and paper making.

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​Silicones for sustainable pulp manufacturing

Pulp and paper makers use a wide range of silicone ingredients to optimize their manufacturing processes. Their main challenge is to reduce foam created in the pulping process, when cellulose fibers are separated from wood. Silcolapse™ antifoams are more efficient than mineral-based defoamers because they are easier to use, help produce better quality pulp, require lower doses of ingredients, provide greater knock-down effects and persistency and are stable in a wide range of pH and temperature conditions.

Silcolapse™ antifoams are not only more productive, but they are also more environmentally friendly. They reduce the amount of water and energy needed in the pulp-making process, reduce the need for chemical additives, are not toxic and are more cost effective. They produce fewer effluents in the washing process and are also useful in wastewater treatment. For all these reasons, Silcolapse™ antifoams are truly more sustainable, both ecologically and economically. Our worldwide network of specialists are available to advise you in the choice of silicones needed to optimize your processes.

Silcolapse™​ solutions for pulp and paper applications

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