Rapid prototyping with high fidelity.

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A litle red prototype plastic car next to its mold.



A dedicated silicone product range for prototyping

After having designed new virtual models in CAD (Computer Assisted Design) systems, industrial customers often need to rapidly produce physical prototypes before launching serial production. This is the stage when the new product comes to life and can be tested for its true performance specifications. Elkem Silicones has been working with major manufacturers in a wide range of industries for many years, supplying them with the best products to meet this critical need.

The Bluesil™​​ RTV-2 product range has become the preferred silicone for fast prototyping and composite molding for many industrial companies and designers worldwide because it delivers the features they need:

  • Excellent transparency to accurately see the object in the mold

  • Exceptional mechanical properties, in particular outstanding tear resistance and long-lasting molds due to high chemical resistance to artificial resins (PU, Epoxy, PES)

  • Accurate reproduction of details and easy mold release

  • No shrinkage when cured

  • Free Part A to Part B matching, which eliminates the need for kit matching and provides customers with greater flexibility in their choices within the product range.


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