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The origin of extraordinary!

Our Mirasil® beauty care line has a long history of use in personal care because it provides distinctive aesthetics, shiny hair, ease of combing or styling hair, long lasting makeup, and instant optical effect (visual blurring).  These products are best in class in their performance and they provide satisfying benefits across multiple product portfolios and markets (prestige vs. mass market cosmetics).  Mirasil®​ beauty care enables cosmetic formulators to create multi-dimensional beauty care with trendy texture, pleasant touch, and comfort characteristics consumers are looking for in this very sophisticated and fast-changing market.  

Benefits include:  

• Luxurious soft silky feel 

• Spreadabiity 

• Long wear 

• Water resistance 

• Shine 

• Substantive conditioning 

• Thermal protection ​

• Color longevity  

With laboratories and production centers ​in China, Europe, the United States and Brazil, our experts are available to listen to your needs and provide you with high-quality, high-purity and easy-to-use silicone products that deliver the features consumers looking for.  

​Discover the high performances our silicones can bring to your hair care products​, MIRASIL® ADM Series​ 

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