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Silicones enhance products for the Personal Care Market.

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We take care to provide the right products

Silicones are key ingredients to produce and enhance personal and beauty care products, with numerous applications in hair care, skin care, deodorants, antiperspirants and color cosmetics. Elkem Silicones produces a full range of Mirasil® products delivered in a wide variety of solubility profiles for specific formulations to achieve the desired performance features and sensory effects in final applications.

Our Mirasil® line of silicones for personal care offer many advantages:

  • Unique feel, convenience and comfort for users

  • Long-lasting performance and staying power

  • Uniform spreading, volatility and permeability

  • Dry, non-greasy, soft and silky feel, as well as wash-off resistance and heat and UV protection enhancement for skin products

  • Glossy, fast-drying and easy wet-combing for hair products

  • Protection to counter increasingly aggressive environmental factors


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Antiperspirants & DeodorantsA men using a silicone based deodorantSilicones to feel cool.Antiperspirants & Deodorants
CosmeticsA woman with silicone based cosmetics.Looking good with silicones for improving cosmetics.Cosmetics
HygieneSafe and reliable self-adhesive silicones for your hygiene applicationsHygiene
Medical RubberElkem Silicones Silbione® medical grade HCRs are ideal for making products that contribute to healthcare and patient wellbeing.Medical Rubber





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