Pad & Roller Printing

Pad and Roller printing secret for excellent ink transfer and durability on a wide range of surfaces.

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Close on a roller printer using silicone to ensure ink transfer and durability.



Customized silicones for pads and rollers printing perfection

Manufacturers often need to print precise and durable markings or decorative patterns on their products. This is true for companies that make everyday consumer products such as toys and crockery, but also for those who produce high-precision parts for professional applications, such as car parts, medical imaging or precision tools. Printing can also involve edible products, such as food and medicines. This means that printing must be adapted to an almost endless number of surfaces and materials, from plastic to porcelain, via metals, films and sugar coatings, to name but a few.

Printing is done either with machines that use pads (stamping) or rollers (continuous print) and are made by specialist manufacturers who sell them as supplements or add-ons to printing machines. Some large-scale users, such as toy or porcelain manufacturers, can often produce or order customized pads directly, while tile-makers or film imaging labs often do the same for rollers.

Elkem Silicones has developed the Bluesil™ range of dedicated products to meet the printing needs of all these manufacturers and end-users. Formulations include RTV2, oils, foams and gels with specific and customizable features for high-performance printing that features excellent ink transfer and durability.

A global offering of products and services

To ensure that its product range meets the latest market and regulatory standards, Elkem Silicones has implemented an elaborate R&D program and a continuous improvement process to optimize all stages of printing and contribute to the overall value chain of its customers and end-users.

To sustain this offering, our teams of experts are available worldwide to work closely with customers and provide them with all the support they require. Our specialists can call upon the wider resources and expertise of the entire Elkem Technology Group, to respond to the most demanding or complex challenges. 

The Bluesil™ range of products for pad and roller printing includes:

  • RTV 3130 A&B, RTV 3131 A&B, RTV 3131 A&B SC and RTV 3132 A&B, two-component silicone elastomers using a polyaddition reaction, specifically formulated for printing pads. They offer outstanding mechanical properties, excellent solvent resistance, adjustable hardness when diluted with silicone oils, variable working times and customizable pad colors.

  • RTV 3527 A & B, a two-component silicone elastomer using a polyaddition reaction, specifically formulated for printing rollers. It offers room-temperature curing, ease of processing (free-flowing ingredients) and temperature resistance.

  • RTV 3128, when diluted with Silbione™​​​ FLD 70047V100, is used to make pads that comply with food regulations, and can thus be used to print or mark edible products.


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Lost wax molding technique using silicone in one of Pietrasanta's bronze foundry.,-art-foundry-processing-specialist.aspxDitta Mancini AgnesePietrasanta, in the Italian region of Tuscany, is renowned for its sculptors and skilled bronze foundries, using silicones for lost-wax molding.