Fire resistant silicone to protect nuclear power plants.

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Nuclear power plants especially designed silicone seals and foams

All industries have an obligation to reduce fire hazards and manage risk to prevent accidents. And, when fires do break out, industrial facilities need to be designed to minimize damage inside and outside their sites, reduce the spread of toxic substances and avert injuries and fatalities.

These key considerations are particularly critical on sites that use or process hazardous products, such as chemicals and nuclear power. A fire in a nuclear installation can cause a wide range of damage: automatic reactor shutdown, destruction of materials essential to the safety of the facility and dispersion of hazardous radioactive or chemical substances into the environment. Elkem Silicones has, for many years, been working closely with companies in the construction, maintenance and upgrade of nuclear power and recycling plants. In this area, we are particularly focused on providing state-of-the-art silicones that contribute to efficient and safe operations in two critical areas: fire prevention and waterproofing. Both of these considerations have been dealt with very seriously for a long time and, since the Fukushima accident, water tightness has become an even greater priority in building new facilities and retrofitting older plants.

In our own R&D or in meeting our customers' specific requirements, our products contribute to comply with the fire and water safety regulations and guidelines established by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). This means making sure our products help our customers to meet these rigorous standards that nuclear construction companies and operators must respect to maintain the highest levels of safety. We also monitor new IAEA requirements to improve fire and water safety of nuclear power plants throughout their lifetime.

Here are a few examples of products made by Elkem Silicones for the nuclear power industry :


  • CAF 30 NUCLEAIRE - A single-component silicone elastomer adhesive designed for the nuclear Industry that acts as a flexible bonding agent to provide sealing and shielding for electrical cables and installations. Its high elongation and break-resistant properties allow it to absorb significant differential expansion movements due to temperature variations in power generators, heat exchangers, steam circuits, water heaters, etc
  • CAF FR 55 GREY​ - A single component ready-to-use silicone elastomer for fire-stop and bonding seals, used in heavy-duty prefabricated and air ducts and cable or piping passages. Designed to withstand fire for four hours, it remains neutral to construction materials and its high elasticity reduces stress, increasing the life cycle of sealing joints. It withstands diluted bases, salt mist, solvents and hydrocarbons and its mechanical and adhesion properties are not affected by sunrays, snow, rain, ozone and other forms of natural aggression, enabling it to provide protection for very long periods of time.
  • BLUESIL FR 1593 A&B FOAM​ - A two-component elastomer that expands to produce closed-cell flexible fire resistant foams, particularly efficient for sealing and shielding difficult-to-access electrical and water installations in complex systems such as fire-resistant partitions, housing conduits and service cables and trays. In case of fire, the foam prevents the fire from spreading and forms a barrier against flames and combustible materials. It retains its properties in a very wide temperature range, with the possibility of adding fillers for specific applications.
  • BLUESIL RTV 1523 A&B FOAM - A two-component silicone elastomer supplied in the form of a viscous liquid which, after transformation, becomes a strong, elastic material used for coating and encapsulation in electrical and electronic applications, providing outstanding thermal and flame resistance.​










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