Mold Making

Material for precision mold making.

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Close on the head of a statue for which the molding process used silicone.



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Silicone mold making: true to the original in every detail

From the reproduction of artwork and prototypes for the transport industry to foundry work, and from food to fashion and cosmetics, mold-makers and die-casters require materials that have the right mechanical properties and facilitate the manufacture of quality products efficiently and cost-effectively, while reducing waste during the mold making process.

We have been serving the market for over 60 years with silicones for precision mold making. Our Bluesil™ RTV-2 range of silicones offers long mold durability, high flexibility, excellent mechanical properties and remarkable resistance to resins.

They are used for:

  • Prototyping (transparency, resin resistance, reproduction of details and easy release)

  • Architectural molding (resistance to concrete materials, outstanding fidelity, etc.)

  • General molding, with applications in jewelry making, art reproduction, special effects, furniture manufacturing, etc.

  • Pads and rollers used for printing applications.

Our experts are available to help you find the right mold-making solutions using our customized range of Bluesil™​ RTV-2 silicones.


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Mold making



Architectural MoldingPicture of the inside of a bathroom with old style Silicones Architectural Molding Solutions.Architectural Molding
AutomotiveDetail of an engine Intake car.Silicone increasing cars performance in the automotive industry.Automotive
FoundryLost-wax molding with silicones.Foundry
JewelryA diamond ring jewelry being repaired.Silicone for jewelry to be true to the original in every detail.Jewelry
MarineA boat approaching an offshore marine platform to stock some fuel.Marine grade silicone to withstand harsh environmental conditionsMarine
PrototypingA litle red prototype plastic car next to its mold.Rapid prototyping with high fidelity.Prototyping



Art & FoundryArt foundry using silicone for the lost wax casting process.Silicone is an ideal art & foundry material for use when modelling.Art & Foundry
ConstructionConstruction silicone to keep buildings dry and energy efficient.Construction
Food & BeverageSilicones are the secret ingredient for Packaging, Labels and Kitchen Tools.Food & Beverage
TransportationPicture of a metro transportation station with a blured filter to give a speed impression.Keeping the world moving.Transportation





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Lost wax molding technique using silicone in one of Pietrasanta's bronze foundry.,-art-foundry-processing-specialist.aspxDitta Mancini AgnesePietrasanta, in the Italian region of Tuscany, is renowned for its sculptors and skilled bronze foundries, using silicones for lost-wax molding.